Supermarket: Here are the 10 products that have seen their prices explode, and it’s not over


A wave of widespread inflation is currently affecting European countries following economic sanctions. France it is not saved. Thus, some products in supermarkets are almost inaccessible to low-income households.

conflict, climate, of many factors that pushed prices up. In the supermarket we no longer distinguish between big brands and first-price products. In this sense, here are the 10 products whose prices shot up the most last month.

inflation in supermarkets

before giving you The ten most inflationary products in August 2022, here are some figures. According to our colleagues at Le Figaro, in France, inflation slowed down in August with 5.8% compared to 6.1% in July.

Source: Pexel

However, the prices of consumer products they don’t seem to follow the same trajectory. As for product prices, in May there was an increase of 4.3%. Note that in June, the rate was 5.7%.

In the same month, fresh produce increased 6.2%. The curve continues to rise in August, the rise in prices reached 7.9% in the supermarket. All the products that we are going to present to you registered an increase of more than 16%.

Supermarket: 10 products victims of inflation

As promised, here The 10 products whose prices have risen considerably during the month of August.

1. Frozen products

With the current cost of energy, in this case electricity and gas, the prices of frozen products it shot itself. In fact, to freeze meat, you need a lot of gas. Thus, increase in the prices of these products in the supermarket it is +28.64%.

Source: Pexel

2. Minced meats

The cost of energy also contributes to the increase in the price of this product. You should know that reproduction requires a lot of energy. Furthermore, with the drought that has affected France, cereals used as animal feed are scarce.

“The rise in cereal prices has also increased the cost of animal feed,” says the director of Business Insight at Iri.

As a result, minced meat experienced an inflation of +21.82%.

3. Pasta

The increase in pasta prices is +19.78%. The reason is mainly the drought that Canada experienced in 2021.

“Canada is a major producer and exporter of durum wheat. This climatic event has reduced harvests while demand remains strong”, emphasizes Emily Mayer.

4. Food packaging

for food packaging, the increase is linked to the Covid crisis. The demands were strong and the producers could no longer keep up. The price increase is +18.35%.

5. Fabrics

The daily price increase of this useful product is +18.21%. The reason is the increase in the cost of raw materials. And energy too, because stationery consumes a lot of gasoline.

6. Homemade pasta

At the supermarket, the price of homemade pasta increased by +17.57%. You guessed it, the reason is the same as for pasta: the shortage of wheat.

7. Cooked pasta dishes

As expected, the pasta dishes cooked are on the list. In fact, its price has shot up +17.33% compared to last year.

Source: Pexel

8. Paper towels

The price increases by +16.69%. The origin of this increase it is the same as that of the paper handkerchiefs. That is, the rise in the price of raw materials and energy.

9. Margarines

This increase is directly related to the situation in Europe. The raw material to make margarines comes from one of these countries in conflict. The attacked country provides 50% of the world export of sunflower oil. Due to inflation, its price increased by +16.38%.

10. Roasted coffees

Available in the supermarket, the price of this product has increased by +16.01% due to the freezing period in Brazil. According to Emily Mayer, Business Insight Director at IRI:

“In general, this inflation is also linked to events that occurred in 2021, in particular, the coronavirus pandemic that caused higher transportation and packaging costs. There is always a time lag between increases in the prices of raw materials and their impact on the points of sale. »

Source: Pexel

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