Metal Game Review: Hellsinger

Metal Game Review: Hellsinger

If you’ve been enjoying Mick Gordon’s cutting-edge riffing while playing Doom and Doom Eternal, here’s a concept that takes it even further. A mix of rhythm game and fast FPS, Metal: Hellsinger will test your reflexes and your neck.

Ever since the first Doom in 1994, fat guitar riffs have been all the rage in FPS, especially if demons are involved. Therefore, metal is often a favorite musical style in the genre and one only has to look at the popularity of the Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal soundtracks to better understand the phenomenon. the turn of Metal: Hellsinger is the fusion between image and sound, which plunges you into a very loud and very angry trance, but quite nice when you fall into it. Let’s be clear: in Metal: Hellsinger, you have to rock the demon to the beat of the soundtrack, no more and no less. The tempo is fundamental and is marked both thanks to a visual indication on the screen and, of course, thanks to the rhythm imposed by the music.

Metal Hellsinger: First Level Discovery

headbang and headshot

This is how a typical early game works: for the first few seconds, only the drums and bass are heard. Next comes your first shots at enemies, which will increase your combo gauge. As soon as you pass a combo level (x2, x4, x8, x16), a hint will be added. A great guitar riff will be heard, a solo will be heard, up to the highest combo level that will allow you to hear the singer’s voice. So the challenge is staying at the highest combo level during a game, shooting correctly, reloading at the right time, and avoiding getting hit. And we must admit that the concept works particularly well: once the tempo is well adjusted, we are very happy to calculate the right moment to pull the trigger, reload to the rhythm, launch yourself to dodge the blows, while a soundtrack is appreciated that is built little by little.

In terms of handling, Metal: Hellinsinger is extremely efficient, be it the keyboard/mouse duo or the controller. Jump twice, dodge, switch from one weapon to another… everything is very instinctive. It must be said that the title is once again inspired by the Doom model, with the possibility of killing a sufficiently damaged enemy, the best way to recover life. And, just to promote action and speed, the ammunition for our demon weapons is infinite. So to speak, you will not have to pick up anything from the ground. A good way to focus on fights.

Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is that really a good idea?

A word about the weapons, which are few, but successful and very complementary. Before each start of the game, you must choose a primary and a secondary weapon, which will complement a sword and a “little skull that shoots fireballs” equipped by default. Thus, we have a somewhat slow shotgun, but with a good level of dispersion, a couple of foals that allow us to shoot far and accurately (our favorite), two “boomerang” type blades that do enormous damage or a crossbow that has the ability to launch explosive bolts if fired at the right rate. Each weapon has a special function, which can be activated when a specific gauge is filled. This gives, in the end, a good variety of combat styles, even if you quickly find your favorite weapon duo, to follow until the end of the campaign (For our part, it was the shotgun/double foal combo that seduced us).

Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is that really a good idea?

So of course Metal: Hellsinger isn’t called that for nothing: with artists like Refused, Lamb of God, System of a Down or Trivium in the credits, we suspect that we will have little piano and violin in the ears. Here the double pedal and the guttural voices dominate, for a very successful result, but we would have liked a little more variety. The fact that most of the songs are based on the same binary tempo, with more or less the same speed, does not encourage variety in firing speeds. However, the pieces are of great quality for lovers of the genre and everything is in perfect harmony with the universe represented. It should also be noted that while many well-known artists are in the cast, they are mainly there in the “intro”, the vast majority of the soundtrack is composed by Two Feathers, a studio specializing in video game music.

Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is that really a good idea?

Also, just for its title, Metal: Hellsinger is a game full of visual promise and we can well imagine the kind of atmosphere it wants to offer us. Once again, if you like Doom, “light” satanic imagery and Franck Frazetta-style fantasy settings, you’ll be in your element. Technically, the title is nothing extraordinary, but it shows a beautiful artistic effort, with beautiful apocalyptic panoramas and quite successful and varied monsters. It’s Doom but with a more “comics” style, which allows a very good readability of the action.. Enemies are well identifiable, even from a distance, and visual cues are numerous.

Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is that really a good idea?

On the other hand, we can blame Metal: Hellsinger for a certain laziness in the level design, which is substantially identical from one level to another. : “runners”, a large arena where you face waves of enemies, then again a runner, and finally a boss. On this last point, again, we would have liked a little more variety, since we always face the same enemy with some variations. There is only in the last level where the final showdown is significantly different (and very successful).

Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is that really a good idea?

First of all, a scoring game, with a somewhat scarce content

More generally, we would have liked the title to be more generous. With only 8 levels, the campaign is completed for the first time in just 5 hours on “normal”. But luckily, various difficulty levels allow you to challenge the most persistent, and a very clever challenge system prolongs the experience. These require you to accomplish various objectives, but with different penalties/bonuses: for example, killing 50 demons in a limited amount of time, but with no chance of getting your health back. The success of these challenges is important, because it allows you to unlock bonuses for the campaign, which you can equip before starting a level.

Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is that really a good idea?Metal Hellsinger wants to turn Doom into a music game, but is that really a good idea?

If we take a quick tour, at first glance, of the content of Metal: Hellisinger, we must also point out that it is a pure “scoring” game close to the arcade and which offers a highly motivating challenge at higher difficulty levels. This is undoubtedly where the most adventurous will find their pleasure and desire to spend 20 or 30 hours there. But if competing with hebangers from around the world isn’t your thing and you’re not a completer, the content will still feel a bit lacking. It still maintains this very successful and immediately catchy game loop, as well as this impeccable coherence between image and sound. We’d just like a little more.



  • The FPS/Rhythm Game mix, which works perfectly
  • Efficient handling, whatever the driver
  • Quality soundtrack, with beautiful names in the credits.
  • Weapons that have fishing
  • Challenges, which add challenges and bonuses.
  • A good atmosphere “Metal Fantasy”

Weak points

  • very short campaign
  • few weapons available
  • Repetitive level design
  • You have to like scoring games.

In its way of transforming the fast-paced FPS into a fast-paced game, supported by an impeccable soundtrack, Metal: Hellisinger gave us a few hours of pure adrenaline. The game loop is mastered, instinctive handling and multiple difficulty levels allow you to create an experience on demand. The fact is that the content is too light, since we will complete the main campaign in 5 to 6 hours depending on the desired challenge. The challenges, however, allow you to extend your life, but it is above all the interest in scoring and the desire to climb the world ranking that will allow you, or not, to play Metal: Hellsinger for more than 10 hours. As it stands, it’s still an experience to try if you like “Doom Like” and great guitar riffs. Please note that the game will be available as soon as it is released on Gamepass, on Xbox and PC.

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