Evolution of Orange’s general management – Orange Groupe press room

– Vincent Lecerf is appointed Executive Director in charge of Human Resources of the Orange group, replacing Gervais Pellissier.
– Stéphane Vallois is appointed CEO of Orange Bank, replacing Paul de Leusse.
– Béatrice Mandine, Executive Director of Communications, Brand and Engagement, will step down on September 30 and will be replaced in the coming weeks.
– Jérôme Barré, CEO of Orange Wholesale & International Networks, will be replaced by Michaël Trabbia, who will assume the direction of the entity on an interim basis, in addition to his current functions as Director of Technology and Innovation.

Vincent Lecerf, will join the company on October 17 and will assume the position of Executive Director in charge of Human Resources of the Orange group from December 1, 2022. Since 2017, Vincent Lecerf has been Human Resources Director of Imerys, succeeding Gervais Pellissier, who will continue to advise the general management. Gervais Pellissier will have marked the history of the company by occupying various strategic positions within the general management. For more than 10 years as Deputy General Manager, he accompanied the European and strategic development of the company. In recent years, he has also launched an ambitious transformation plan and has supported the Group in changing working methods.

Stephane Vallois, current Deputy General Manager of Orange Bank, will succeed Paul de Leusse as General Manager of the bank from October 1, 2022. Paul de Leusse, whose commitment has allowed Orange Bank to evolve towards a value strategy, develop internationally and make of its mobile application, one of the best on the market, will leave the Group. Orange Bank has almost 2 million customers in Europe. Orange Bank Africa, launched in Côte d’Ivoire in 2020, now has 800,000 customers. Stéphane Vallois will be in charge of continuing to develop Orange Bank in the dynamics promoted by the future strategic plan.

Béatrice Mandine will leave her position at the end of September after 15 years in the Orange Communication, Brand and Engagement Department. He will be replaced in the coming weeks. Throughout these years, Béatrice Mandine has contributed to strengthening the power of the Orange brand throughout the world and establishing a committed brand strategy, which today permeates the entire company, internally and externally. He will also have inscribed the customer experience in the brand’s DNA and will have made Orange one of the most valued French brands.

Orange’s Wholesale and International Networks department will also evolve with the departure of Jérôme Barré, its CEO, on September 15, 2022. An interim period will be provided by Michaël Trabbia, Orange’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, who will also retain his duties. Current. Since 1985, Jérôme Barré has had a highly diversified career within the Group, in customer relations, trade and local authorities. He has thus accompanied the transformation of the Group throughout its recent history. In 2016 he joined the Executive Committee as Group Human Resources Director before creating the Orange Wholesale & International Networks entity in 2018. This entity today plays a prominent role in strengthening the ‘Orange Group’s leadership in the field of infrastructures and networks.

Commenting on these appointments, Christel Heydemann, CEO of Orange, said: “I am pleased with the arrival of Vincent Lecerf to the Executive Committee and the appointment of Stéphane Vallois as CEO of Orange Bank. These new developments within the management team reinforce the dynamic started several months ago to ensure our transformation and growth. I know that I can count on his experience to, together, support the development of the company. I am happy to continue to rely on the experience and knowledge of Gervais Pellissier. I also thank Michaël Trabbia for his support during this interim period. Finally, I would like to warmly thank Béatrice Mandine, Paul de Leusse and Jérôme Barré who, throughout these years at Orange, have had a profound impact on the Group. »

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