Bank card: four exclusive privileges offered to Visa and Mastercard customers

Bank card: four exclusive privileges offered to Visa and Mastercard customers

If we sometimes think about ski guarantees and travel insurance, we usually forget about all the other little services that are included in a large number of international bank cards. Discounts, concierge services, privileges… The two main Visa and Mastercard networks offer special advantages to their customers. What are they and how do you use them?

1. Discounts on certain products and services

Visa and Mastercard cover almost the entire credit card market in France. These two large networks not only allow you to pay in France or abroad, sometimes without even paying bank charges, but also to take advantage of reduced rates. Welcome savings that can be applied to a wide variety of products or services: car rental, movie tickets, sporting goods, visits, tickets to museums, hotels, etc. At Visa, for example, you can get discounts of 7-25%.

How can I benefit from the reduced rates of Mastercard or Visa? First, you must have a bank card from one of the two networks, at least the premium type: Visa Premier or Gold Mastercard. Please note: these reductions are not automatically applied when paying with a gold card. To take advantage of it, you must go to the network’s website and register for the programs offered.

2. Privilege offers

Skip-the-line tickets, private visits, exclusive access to events… Visa and Mastercard have developed a wide range of privileges reserved for their customers. In most cases, these are big events or well-known places: Roland-Garros, New York Marathon, Louvre Museum, UEFA Champions League, etc.

The precise list of exclusive benefits for Visa and Mastercard customers can be found on their website. To stay informed, the ideal is to subscribe to newsletters. Sent by email or SMS, they allow you to find out about the latest published offers and take advantage of them easily, as long as you have a premium or very high-end bank card (Visa Infinite or Platinum, or Mastercard World Elite or Platinum).

3. Concierge services

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, concierge services allow you to get the help of a personal assistant in a large number of areas. Book a hotel, a plane ticket, a restaurant, rent a car, call a taxi… It is possible to send all your requests.

Here, only very high-end bank card holders can claim a concierge service. Therefore, you must be in possession of a Visa Infinite, Visa Platinum, Mastercard World Elite or Mastercard Platinum card. Particularly expensive cards and generally reserved for wealthy households that can justify a high level of income. For example, the average fee for a Visa Infinite card is approximately €330 per year. Only Fortuneo’s World Elite CB Mastercard offer allows you to benefit from a very high-end free bank card… As long as you deposit €4,000 in your checking account each month.

4. Not forgetting traditional insurance

Beyond the advantages presented above, Mastercard and Visa bank cards allow you to benefit from numerous guarantees and insurance. From civil liability abroad, to repatriation in the event of a health problem, to compensation in the event of flight delays or loss of luggage, French people who travel punctually or regularly can benefit from all these guarantees free of charge. Another interesting insurance: the guarantee for rental vehicles, which can replace or complement the insurance formula offered by the rental company.

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