LIVE – OM-Frankfurt, D-1: “I deserve everything that happens to me”, says Guendouzi

LIVE - OM-Frankfurt, D-1: "I deserve everything that happens to me", says Guendouzi

It’s Igor Tudor’s turn…

The OM coach will answer questions from the media.

Guendouzi: “Payet is still very worried”

“Dimitri is a very important player. He is the captain. We know that he is going to help us, he can make a difference at any time. He is still very concerned, even when he starts on the bench. He is a world-class player, who will bring us a lot of points this season”.

Guendouzi on his positioning

“It’s not necessarily a new position. I’ve played lower and higher. It’s a position I’m learning from. In the last 25-30 meters I have to be more efficient. It’s a position that suits me, it gives me more freedom, But what matters most to me is being on the pitch.”

Guendouzi: “It’s not an essential match for the future”

“There will be many games left. It will be a very important game, but not essential for the future.”

Guendouzi: “I deserve everything that happens to me”

“Everything that happens to me I deserve. I have worked a long time to get these awards. I made a very good choice by coming to OM. I am very happy and very fulfilled here. I hope this continues. It will be one of work and trust with all the people at the club.”

Guendouzi: “It will be a very tough match”

“It is a very big team, they are in the European Cup almost every year. I played them against Arsenal. They have a lot of quality. It will be a very difficult game.”

Guendouzi: “I hope there are no overflows”

“It will be a very important game. We have a wonderful team to have a good run in the Champions League. We know that the public will be there to push us. I hope there are no excesses like in Nice-Cologne, but I know that our fans will behave well and help us get the 3 points”.

Guendouzi: “We will play the same”

“It all depends on the team we play against. In the Champions any error is paid with money. The intensity is higher, the technical level too. But we will play the same, be the opposing team. focus on ourselves.”

Guendouzi: “Alexis will give us a lot”

On Alexis Sánchez: “He’s a great professional. A great player, with a lot of experience. He’s already scored quite a few goals. He’s effective in the area, he also works defensively. He’s going to give us a lot. We’re very happy to have him with us”.

Guendouzi: “We assimilated the principles of the game”

“The preparation matches were a bit difficult, with a new coach. He took time to adjust. But today we are all satisfied. We have good results but there is also the road ahead. It is a vertical game, with a lot of intensity. We are clearly making progress. We have assimilated very well the principles of the game. We are confident, constantly improving.”

Guendouzi: “We are confident”

“We are confident. We know what we have to do. Despite our poor result, the first game against Tottenham gave us confidence. We are in a very good dynamic. We will come to win. We will do everything possible”.

Guendouzi is at a press conference

We go to the press conference the day before the match, with Guendouzi.

Great safety concern for a party rated 5 out of 5 on the risk scale

The National Division for the Fight against Hooliganism does it very rarely, but for this OM-Frankfurt, they did not hesitate: this match is ranked 5 on a security risk scale of 5.

Since the European Cup draw, he had ranked this match in 4th place. But after the violence in Nice against Cologne, he decided to raise it to the highest level. Along with RMC Sport, some police present in Nice and who will be in Marseille say they are “very concerned”. Same content to the FFF that will feverishly observe the surroundings of the Velodrome. “We are very, very worried. I am afraid that we have underestimated the number of Germans who will go to Marseille,” confides a federal source.

Beyond the 3,300 Frankfurt fans with tickets, the authorities expect at least 5,000 more Germans without tickets on the streets of Marseille. The device will be very important tomorrow around the Velodrome. About 600 members of the security forces and 1,200 people in charge of security at the stadium will be mobilized. The device will start to be installed this Monday night, because the authorities expect to see the Germans arrive in Marseille this afternoon or evening.

LB, NP and FG

How OM prepares to receive the many German fans

After the serious incidents that occurred on Thursday in the Nice-Cologne match at the Allianz Riviera in the Europa League Conference, OM will deploy great means to receive Eintracht Frankfurt and its many fans on Tuesday night in Marseille for the second Champions League matchday.

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On which channels to watch the game

The match will be broadcast live on RMC Sport 1 on Tuesday (9:00 p.m.). You can find all the information prior to the match in the Champions Zone broadcast. You can also follow the analyzes and reactions after the final whistle. You can also follow the meeting at RMC on the radio and comment live on our site.

The match will also be broadcast on Canal+.

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