Volleys in the Real Madrid locker room to Vinicius Jr.

Volleys in the Real Madrid locker room to Vinicius Jr.

What’s next after this announcement?

Vini, Vidi, Vici. On Sunday, Vinicius Junior and Real Madrid met and beat Mallorca 4-1 at the Santiago-Bernabéu stadium. A meeting where the Brazilian was talked about for the better, but also for the worse. Moving along his left side, the Auriverde international scored a goal. His fifth of the season in seven appearances in all competitions. He remains on a hot streak of five goals scored in his last five games. Excellent news for the meringues, who will have to do without their injured star striker Karim Benzema.

Carlo Ancelotti can therefore count on Vini Jr to bring his qualities and find the net. But the Italian coach, who trusted the Brazilian that he became a strong starter last season, still has to help him improve on certain points. In fact, if his talent is recognized by all, his attitude is far from unanimous. This weekend, the auriverde striker was at the center of a conflict between him and the Mallorcan club. brandReal Madrid midfielder, explains that the opposing players would have put a kind of contract on Vinicius’s head.

Victim of Vinicius Jr?

Last year, the reunion obviously didn’t go well for him. This year, therefore, the goal was not to let the Brazilian play, who tends to annoy his opponents with his dribbling and his behavior considered provocative. The latter was visibly upset, tired of the treatment inflicted on him since he claimed fouls and told the referee that he was not letting him play. But it was above all the words of Javier Aguirre, Mallorca coach, that made him get out of his hinges. “Hit It, Hit It”after “Break it”he would have thrown the Mexican coach from his bench.

Which upset Vinicius, who sped towards the opposing bench during the match. Retained in particular by Toni Kroos and Carlo Ancelotti, the Brazilian did not accept being asked to injure him. But on the Majorcan side, the advanced version would not be this one. the padlock BE It has revealed, in fact, that Vinicius Jr would have made denigrating comments during the meeting. Thus, he would have provoked the visiting players by releasing: “you are very bad.” Then he would have added in a derogatory tone: “Do you think you’re going to win?” He also reportedly had similar later exchanges with his opponents.

Madrid’s locker room cut it off

the padlock BE It also specifies that Carlo Ancelotti would have asked the Mallorca players not to enter Vinicius’ game. The Brazilian’s teammates have also reportedly confessed to their opponents that they have already asked Vini to stop this. Next to BE What brand They indicate that within Real Madrid there is a fear that situations like this will be repeated in the future and that Vinicius will become both a target and the center of habitual provocations outside of sport. The coach and especially his teammates would have recommended him to be calm and not seek confrontation or war in perpetuity even if he receives blows.

They asked him for respect, although all the stories he could have had ended well in the end. The Real Madrid players, especially the locker room executives, believe that if he continues like this, one day the rivals will do him a lot of damage. Finally, the padlock BE indicates that the people of Madrid have spoken “a thousand times” about this issue with the main interested party to stop this and that they are beginning to be a little fed up because they believe that it is not good for him or for the team and club A clear message for a player, who told his management that he did not understand the controversies that surrounded him and that his goal was simply to play, win and please the merengue fans. That’s all his club asks of him.

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