90% of snacks for children are very dangerous and harmful to health, be careful!


The start of the school year has arrived and for many children this means that meals in the dining room have resumed. For many students, dining hours allow them to eat healthy, balanced and, above all, surrounded by their classmates. But for other kids, that just means half the day is over and there’s only half left before they can go home and have a snack they love. Indeed, depending on what these children are used to eating at home. Once at school, their snack is the only time they can eat what they want. And the conclusion seems pretty unanimous. Indeed, children eat 9 kilos of industrial cookies a year each. Making 90% of snack foods far from healthy. We tell you everything!

9 kg of biscuits consumed per child in the year

Le Parisien conducted a survey to find out who had found the staggering figure of 9kg of biscuits consumed per child per year. And it seems to be the confectioners and biscuits union of France. However, children are not the only ones who eat industrial cookies all the time! In fact, adults would consume more than 8 kg per year each. But envy surely manifests itself in another way. Whether it’s childhood nostalgia or a constant craving for sugar. Unfortunately, most of industrial cookies they have two combined disadvantages. And this, as explained nutritionist michel cohen, to the journalists of our colleagues Le Parisien. Industrial cookies are full of fat and sugar, but the most annoying thing is the little known ingredients that are used.

As for the industry, No small savings ! As a result, they sometimes contain fats such as palm oil and fructose-glucose syrup to replace or supplement sugar. It has been shown that there is a relationship between high amounts of sugar and obesity and even diabetes from time to time. As for palm oil, added to the fact that its harvest is bad for nature due to disappearances, consumed in large quantities can also cause health problems. And all this, without even mentioning additives found in industrial crackers.

The compositions of industrial foods sometimes questionable

You don’t have to hide your face. It is no secret that for some families the situation remains difficult. However, the solution is to try to make better decisions. Therefore, it will be necessary to provea little reading and trust in labels. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to identify the ingredients that are bad for health. And this, such as preservatives, artificial flavors, stabilizers of all kinds, palm oil or glucose fructose syrup. Basically, anything that differs from traditional cookie recipe (flour, butter, eggs and sugar) is still suspect.

To help you accomplish this long and boring task, there are a perfect app called Yuka. Just scan the products you want to buy and the app will alert you to all questionable compositions. And this, while judging the quality of their food products. The nutritional score can also give you an estimate of the correctness or not of your product in the diet plan

Solutions to regulate bad snacks

There are multiple alternatives, without having to spend hours preparing meals. You have probably heard hundreds of times that good bread and chocolate are a good alternative. The favorite snack of children born before 80. However, there are many other things. Simply substitute half of the biscuits for fruit, homemade compotes or store-bought compotes, with no added sugar. We also like the idea of prefer salty alternatives around the cheese. A food that can accompany nuts. If your children taste at home, a simple natural yogurt with a little honey or sugar and a tablespoon of homemade granola will be more than enough.

The difficulty is that sometimes it is difficult to change habits. And this, since the rhythm can become intense. We often think we can’t find the time or energy to do it. The good news is that after a few weeks of change of habits what may seem quite restrictive, things will happen in a more natural way. Your children’s health will thank you.

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