Product reminder: this cheese is very dangerous to health, it should not be eaten!

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Lately, the product recall campaigns they are numerous. In the span of 4 days, 14 cheeses of various brands were nailed. those products all have been remembered for the same reasons. Find out in this article what these products are and why they are victims of product recalls.

The 14 cheeses that are the subject of a product recall

It should be noted that this massive product recall refers to the entire French territory. This affects several brands of cheese and several stores. Here is the list of affected cheese brands with details that can identify the products.

1. The president’s mark

Bûche fondant de fromage, Sainte Maure and Rondin de fromage with the following barcode numbers:

  • 3228023180036
  • 3228023080015
  • 3280021190150
  • 3228021170053

The cheeses affected by the product recall were for sale in these supermarkets :

  • auchan
  • monoprix
  • frankprix
  • Crossing
  • casino
  • u-system
  • Kora
  • Leclerc
  • lidl
  • Intermarket
  • Underground
  • rule

2. Monoprix Sainte-Maure cheese

Le Sainte-Maure included the following lots: 3248654718668 and 3350033641358. Monoprix dealer. The area refers to the whole of France

3. The Chevrie

A Goat Log – barcode number 3228020370058.

4. Leader Price brand

This is the Sainte-Maure cheese distributed by Leader Price. Its barcode is 3263859371319.

5. The Franprix logo

This cheese is still a Sainte-Maure, but from the Franprix brand and distributor. The barcode is 3263856411 612.


Log of Sainte-Maure goat cheese sold at the Casino. The lots in question are the following:

  • 3222471018507
  • 3222476432469
  • 3263856411612
  • 3263859371319
  • 3248654718668
  • 3350033641358

7. The Silver Oaks at LIDL

This is the Goat record whose barcode is 4056489 554 806.

8. Pasture de France

Goat logs with the number 3250392551407. The Distributor is Intermarché

9. Crusaders sold at Leclerc:

Goat logs with barcode numbers: 3564700606865 and 3564700562406.

10. Amy Bique

Goat registration with barcode numbers 3228024100118 and 3228022985038

11. The Bellay brand

Goat Logs and Goat Log whose barcode is 3228021920146.

12. The Carrefour label

From the goat registry with the following numbers 3560071093716 and 3184830061350. Obviously distributed by Carrefour

13. From the Super U brand

Sainte-Maure whose barcode numbers are:

  • 3256224310525
  • 3256224310525
  • 3256224310525
  • 3256224310525
  • 3256224310525

All of these products have been for sale in U stores.

14. The Chevrefin

Sainte-Maure goat cheese registration with barcode number 0000026059679.

Here are the 14 cheeses that the Rappel Conso site has included in the list of withdrawn products.

What caused the product recall?

Friday, September 9, 2022, these 14 cheeses are victims of a product recall. The real question is why? The government site provides the answer on their site in the reason for the product recall section. Even posted individually, the patterns are all the same.

“Precautionary measure due to the risk of a metallic foreign body”, indicates Rappel Conso.

This would mean that by ingesting these products, consumers are at risk of injury. Internal injuries that can cause more or less serious damage, even death. This is why Rappel Conso formally prohibits its consumption.

If you do, what should you do?

If you have one of these cheeses in your possession, the government, through the Rappel Conso site, has made it clear. Above all, do not consume them.. If you shouldn’t eat it, what should you do?

It should be noted that this product recall is entirely at the supplier’s initiative. So if you’ve bought one, the best thing to do is bring them back to the supermarket where you bought it

Also, once you arrive at the store, you will be reimbursed. Supermarkets refund the money you have spent on the purchase of these products. That said, hurry up, as this refund is only valid until a certain date.

Most end on Monday, October 10, 2022. However, there are some differences for some products. According to the brands of the product that is in place, more information on the Rappel Conso website.

In any case, one thing is for sure, if you bring them within a week, you will be reimbursed. As you are going to browse the Rappel Conso site, the contact numbers to validate the refund are also available. It is obvious that the numbers change according to the brand concerned.

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