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You want to learn while having fun, here are several useful YouTube channels for popularization, great when you pass the BAC!

The Internet is a wonderful tool for cultivate critical thinkingbut also its culture. by his side, Youtube, as a true pillar of the web, is used by millions and millions of users around the world. is therefore a open platform and very free for all, easy to use and therefore conducive to to share.

It is in this context that many youtube channels started its activity: sharing content that is simple, fast, but above all complete in a short time. One way for these cameramen to give the knowledge anyone who decides to grab it.

the extensionin the form of a YouTube video, it has been around for years and today allows many usersenrich your knowledge, “increase” your intelligence somewhere. Particularly useful for all ages, these videos can also help students or future graduates with their revisions.

Here are some YouTube extension channels that are definitely worth checking out. Of course, there are many more, but here are a few to get you started. so share your favorite extension channels in the comments to enrich this article!

Les Bons Profs: to review all your lessons with teachers

If you like the course format with a table, explanations like in class, but vulgarized, you are in the right place. the good teachers channel share videos with you according to your class levels, on various topics and even centralized courses on a specific topic. There are math classes, English, German, Spanish, French, history/geo classes…. In short, all subjects at each level, from the colleague in Terminale.

popularization of good youtube teachers

This is a very complete YouTube channel, free of course and dedicated to students. The people who lead the classes are also true teachers. Real cheat sheets in the form of videos, with courses, methodologies and the fundamental principles of each topic reviewed in disclosure form, following the program of theNational Education. Parents, this channel is highly recommended for your children in the learning process.

Amazing Science: Popularizing Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics

If you want to learn a little more about the fundamental principles of science, but also about chemistry, physicsastronomy and math…Amazing Science is the ideal candidate. YouTube channel very followed, the latter has become a reference in the field.

The channel explains many topics in a popular way, step by step so that the topic is well understood. The videographer talks about astrology, astronomy, molecular biology, as well as geology, computer sciencemath.

In short, this channel is dedicated to all ages and can be of interest to both students and university students, as well as to the active person. the scientific concepts they are dissected there, just like scientific theories, to find out absolutely!

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Nota Bene: ideal for learning more about history

You who are interested or fascinated by history, but also you who are not gifted in class with this subject, this channel is made for you. good note is a popular videographer who specializes in the historyhistorical movements.

The latter covers the great moments in the history of the world, from prehistory to the present day. Nota Bene also perfectly combines history and the geography by getting involved in the history of certain countries, but also how their history has influenced their geography.

popularization history nota bene youtube

Nota Bene is also known for asking questions that many people ask themselves, without having the answer, especially at school. the sex or Middle Ages, How’s it going ? And for schoolchildren of the Middle Ages? In short, this channel will arouse your curiosity, even if you are not passionate about history and especially historical dates.

Dr. Nozman: effective disclosure to understand the mechanisms of scientific events

We certainly couldn’t write such an article without mentioning Dr. Nozman. The YouTuber is one of the best known in the field of him. As a promoter dedicated to scientific phenomenais particularly interesting in the fields physics or chemistry. The latter also does a lot of science experiments on his channel, like we might do in class. But, this time, it is above all about more playful experiences.

Also, if you want to know why a particular object reacts the way it does (a spinning hand, etc.), this is the perfect channel for you. Dr Nozman explain exactly what hides behind everyday phenomenabut also behind objects that we do not take the time to analyze.

E-Thinking: philosophy, science, concepts… let’s think together

Yes, there are many YouTube channels of scientific popularization in this TOP. But at the same time, the featured videographers complement each other very well. Furthermore, science and scientific theories are pillars of our world and are important to everyone, student or active.

E-penser is a former computer scientist who got into YouTube videos based on the Sciencesbut also around concepts and thoughts that build our world. A perfect chain for reflection, to think, precisely. Science, sprinkled with a little philosophy and that is enough to take care of for hours.

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Jamy’s YouTube channel (not rocket science), the base!

do you know the program It’s not witchcraft, with Jamy, Sabine, Fred and Marcel? Well I know that Jamy He started his own YouTube channel and it’s still very interesting. The latter has even collaborated on several occasions with other cameramen such as SEB (Seb la frite) or E-Penser.

His channel, called epicurious, is a true compendium of knowledge with various explanations on many topics. A channel to lose yourself in knowledge, to relearn everyday things from a new angle.

LinkTheSun: culture and more culture

Some will say that LinkTheSun he is the father of popularization on YouTube because he popularizes many topics thanks to his culture points in particular where he dissects certain cultural events. The latter, therefore, focuses mainly on the cultural popularizationbut also (therefore) in music, the literature behind the musical texts, etc.

Cyrus North: to learn more about philosophy

Are you in your last year and need a new point of view on philosophy? Cyrus North is passionate about philosophical concepts and human thoughts. With her calm voice and her thoughts, you will easily get lost in her videos, in a good way.

Learning philosophy while laughing and in a playful way is precisely one of his series of videos. Here are some:

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A 5-minute course: mainly focused on easy literature

Well, if you are not gifted with literature, we can only recommend you this channel that explains the great literary movements. In short, we don’t have much to tell you on the subject except that the channel is perfect for brushing up on your french baccalaureate or its bases in the literature. A good review for literature students too!

Didi Chandouidoui: getting used to thinking

Finally, we present to you a channel that is not really made for reviewing your courses. But, it is so interesting for a teenager or a young adult who just asks think and make your own decisions that we should tell you.

Didi Chandouidoui focuses on the theories of our world. “I know I know nothing”Socrates said.

Well, it is a reality. Since there are still many mysteries in this world, this cameraman combines scientific theories and facts to make your reflections into videos. Check it out, his videos are mind-opening and that’s priceless.

Of course, these are clearly not the only popularization YouTube channels. YouTube’s video format is perfect for these kinds of quick lessons. Share your favorite channels in comment to allow others to discover them in turn! The whole team wishes you a beautiful day, always with curiosity.

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