Firewood in the Yvelines: the great fever

Le bois de chauffage est très demandé en ce moment dans les Yvelines. Les prix augmentent et les délais de livraison s

Firewood is in high demand right now in Yvelines. Prices are rising and delivery times are getting longer. (©78news)

Saturated answering machines. Extended deadlines. the firewood vendors don’t rest on it Yvelines in this month of September 2022.

Every morning, delivery trucks travel the departmental roads. Fully charged.

With the energy crisis, those who have a Fireplacea insert or a stove try to stock up.

Impossible to say with precision if the winter will be harsh in terms of temperatures. However, a certainty emerges for the gas bill Where electricity : It will give cold sweats to more than one person.

Firewood naturally appeared as a good solution. Not necessarily the easiest to implement.

The 78actu newsroom contacted several companies specializing in Yvelines. And the conclusion is the same.

“We are overloaded with work! Everybody asks for wood. It is not entirely certain that we can deliver to everyone. So-called ready-to-burn stocks are visibly melting. »

Not before mid October

“Yo, my shortest delivery time is no earlier than mid-October. It’s the rush,” says another.

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A third is so busy that it simply invites you to send an SMS or an email to be contacted.

Dry wood or green wood?

Ready to burn… Very dry. This is the most important.

“The dry wood has at least two years of drying depending on the species. Me, I’ve been in the game for years. And there, I see the guys improvising in the trade, buying trees, cutting them down on the side of the road and delivering everything directly to the customer. There are so many requests that they can’t keep up. »

A lumberjack.

Green wood in the fireplace is strongly discouraged. It uses almost all of its energy to evaporate water as it burns. Its heat input is almost nil. In addition, it clogs the ducts, which can also cause a fire in the chimney. Not to mention the difficulties in lighting and maintaining it.

Can I collect firewood in the forest to keep warm?

It is tempting. But it is strictly forbidden to collect and, even worse, to cut wood in the forest.
Dead wood, fallen naturally or left by the forester, contributes to the good balance of natural spaces. It is a refuge for certain animal species and a source of development for certain plants.
It is also forbidden to come with your ax or your saw. The cuts are decided by the National Forestry Office (ONF), according to very specific criteria.
The Forest Code specifies that violators are exposed to a fine of 135 euros for an amount less than 2m3. Other than that, it’s a misdemeanor. And therefore liable to a criminal sanction.
It is also forbidden to go out with firewood to light the fireplace.
The last thing you need to know: A lot of wood is actually private property. The color is usually shown by a red sign hanging on a tree. There, it is strictly forbidden to collect anything. And of course to go home.

The price of the stereo

Another issue: the price.

The stereo, which was selling for an average of 70 euros a year ago, is on the rise. On the sellers’ websites there are prices of 80 euros and even 94 euros for firewood ready to burn, in 50 centimeters. With often a minimum order quantity, in particular to save shipping costs.

To reduce the bill, a good tip is to order a large quantity from several people, with a single delivery point. This makes it possible to obtain a declining rate.

Then it is with elbow strength and the wheelbarrow that is played.

Last tip: The lumber craze has also become a hunting ground for scammers. On social networks, we often see advertisements published with the same photo and, above all, at an unbeatable price.

This is where you have to be careful when checking the existence of the company, even if it means going there to be sure.

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