iOS 16: Here are some cool widgets for your lock screen

iOS 16: Here are some cool widgets for your lock screen

With iOS 16, Apple offers many little widgets to customize your home screen. Third party developers are slowly starting to release their own. Here is our selection.

After several months of testing, iOS 16 is available to the general public on September 12. The new iPhone update brings a lot of small and practical news, but above all it stands out for its new fully customizable lock screen. Apple’s goal is to help you make your iPhone unique.

In addition to the new dynamic wallpapers, Apple offers many native widgets (Weather, Calendar, Batteries, Home, Reminders…), but third-party developers are gradually implementing their own widgets. Here is a first selection, before discovering the others. Google, for example, has announced that it will release widgets for all of its software.

Facebook, so you don’t miss birthdays

For once, Facebook had a very good idea. The latest update to your application allows you to add a “birthday” widget, in small or large format. The little one tells you the number of your friends whose birthday is today, the other tells you their names directly. Very practical so you don’t miss anything.

Facebook widgets are dedicated to birthdays. // Source: Number

Widgetsmith, to have many options

Widgetsmith is an application dedicated to widgets. Popularized by iOS 14 home screen widgets, it had the good idea to adapt to iOS 16 from day one. It allows you, for example, to put a photo under the time or add information, such as the number of steps taken each day. The options are many.

Widgetsmith is quite complicated to use, but it allows you to create many things. // Source: Number

Flighty: follow planes

Are you waiting for a loved one on a plane? Thanks to Flighty, you can follow the progress of a flight in real time from the lock screen. You just need to add a flight in the app, it will sync with the widget.

Flighty shows the status of a flight on the lock screen. // Source: Number

I am: a sentence every day

Soy is a pretty weird app that gives you an inspirational phrase every day. Thanks to iOS 16, it can appear below the time instead of in a notification.

I'm iOS 16
I am sample inspirational phrases… Because why not. // Source: Number

Package: to track a delivery

Along with Deliveries, Parcel is one of the most popular apps for tracking a delivery on the iPhone. Its latest update allows you to have a countdown to the date of its next installment on the lock screen.

iOS 16 package
Parcel allows you to track a delivery. // Source: Number

Cloudy: to manage your podcasts

Overcast, a software dedicated to podcasts, is ironically more suitable for iOS 16 than Apple’s Podcasts app. It offers three widgets.

Overcast offers three widgets. // Source: Number

Launcher: to add icons

Unfortunately, Launcher is very limited by default. To unlock many options, you have to pay. But this app can do it all. Contact icon, application icon, direct access to a setting… You can create custom widgets.

rocket launcher
Launcher allows, for example, to pin a contact on your lock screen, to call them directly. // Source: Number

Slopes: to prepare for skiing

If you don’t know the slopes, this is one of the best apps for winter sports. It is already compatible with iOS 16, with the possibility of checking the weather forecast for rainfall or its latest downloads from the lock screen.

iOS 16 Tracks
Slopes is one of the best apps for skiing or snowboarding. // Source: Number

Finally, let’s end with a little advice. If you don’t see a widget after installing an app update, consider opening it at least once. This should allow iOS to detect your widgets.

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iOS 16 // Source: Numerama

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