Maccabi Haifa – PSG LIVE: Messi equalizes on a billiard shot, but PSG is mistreated… Follow the match with us

Maccabi Haifa - PSG LIVE: Messi equalizes on a billiard shot, but PSG is mistreated... Follow the match with us

46th: GO FOR THE SECOND. There are no changes to report.

21:59 : And Messi’s draw.

9:58 p.m.: Before it resumes, I’ll give you the two goals from this first half.

The opening of the Maccabi marker (we do not see it but a horrible double between Ramos and Verratti full axis that leads to the loss of the ball and the center).

9:57 p.m.: 1-1 at the break between Juve and Benfica. Milik planted again (what a surprise).

21:55 : roar roar…

45º+2: HALF TIME. PSG shot but tied. Mbappé squandered two good chances early in the match, and then afterward, Maccabi took control. Very difficult game for the Parisians. See you in a few minutes.

45+1: Cheryyyyy the long shot, great save by Donnarumma!! It is not possible to leave him a boulevard like that, the guy is 15 meters in the Parisian countryside without being attacked, he is crazy.

44 : Poor Mukiele, he is ALWAYS alone on the opposite side and is NEVER served, especially by the three strikers… Hakimi would have already had twice as many balls, easy.

43: Ouuuuh the fear again for Paris! A deep pass that eliminates 4 players, Atzili finds himself in front of Donnarumma, fortunately too off center that he cannot fit.

41 : It’s a detail but given the number of technical errors made by the Parisians (again Mbappé there, after Messi several times), it seems important. The pitch was not watered before the game, so the ball hit the grass instead of rolling, it was not easy to dribble in these conditions.

39 : Neymar ladle for Mbappé’s volley… It’s starting to be a classic, but this time it doesn’t work.

38 : It’s going to do the bosses in Paris good, that… Because going back to the locker room would have hurt him a lot. Well now you have to press elsewhere.

36º: EQUALITY OF MESSI!! In a billiard shot, a strong cross from Mbappé, it bounces off a defender and the ball returns to the Argentine, who pushes him to the bottom. He is ugly but he feels good!

3. 4 : Neymar’s corner… straight into the goal, before the near post. LOL. ALL. WE GO. RIGHT.

33: OUT OF PLAY! Ugh… Pierrot puts 2nd but finally the flag goes up. He is right. But still, he sucks.

31 : As soon as they get a little rough, they’re unbearable again, as Parisians know… EVERYONE STOP PLAYING IN YOUR CORNER. Sincerely.

29: NEYMAAAR but it is not possible all these wasted opportunities!! Another face-to-face with the goalkeeper, and the Brazilian, like Mbappé before, who wants to enter the goal with the ball. Bah no man, you have to call!

27 : And Maccabi who continues to press. You are right, there is no counter reaction.

26 : Bon bon bon, the “character” test got off to a bad start anyway. We’re sorry this goal was coming, it’s been 10 minutes since they dropped a ball and only Verratti goes up to the cleaners.

24: THE MACCABI GOAL!!! Chery volleyed to the far post in a silly midfield turnover. And here is PSG even more under pressure.

22 : Ah voilààà, it was enough to warm it up a bit. Three hooks and a small jumper in the same action to start his match (well, it was in the center circle…)

twenty-one : Messi must be at 0/5 in his dribbles. He really wants po for now.

19 : Neymar the air pressing in the center circle, it’s still something. Raised to the rank of art. If there was still the Marcel d’or left, it was all cooked.

17 : Very good period for Maccabi, who regained control of the ball. It’s not serene serene back on the Paris side.

15: Donnarumma still in demand! At the beginning of the action nobody speaks to Neymar, who receives the ball like a henchman and finishes it off with a shot from Pierrot. He needed the Italian’s meter 96 to pick him up on the ground.

13 : Complicated this start of the game for Messi… We don’t see him, there we are for once he has a correct ball to explode, he stumbles on the grass. Not too worried about the fact that he will come.

12th: Mbappé on the counter! Nuno Mendes’ ball was perfect from depth, but Kyky tries to dribble past the goalkeeper and catches it when he could have easily adjusted it. Rha, don’t miss the ones at the beginning of the match…

11: Oh, Chery’s long shot! With the little bounce just in front of the line it’s fine. Donnarumma relaxes well.

9 : The Parisians are gradually increasing the pressure, the Israelis no longer go much beyond their 40m.

7th :Neymaaaar the shot is finally countered. Nuno Mendes could have tried his luck as he arrived, just before, but he preferred to risk it collectively. Then the Brazilian was complicated in a forest of legs.

5th: Is Donnarumma serious? Another big risk taken by the Italian goalkeeper when kicking, he almost got the ball cut off in front of his goal. There isn’t a game where you don’t need it, it’s not possible.

4th : Canal said earlier that Galtier had told them before the meeting that he remembered seeing the MNM premiere last season in Bruges and that it was a good example of the trap to avoid tonight. It is true that there is a bit of that, a less valued rival, a small and hostile stadium… But hey, the three forwards have progressed a lot since then.

2nd: Mbappé’s first walk, they counter him at the last moment! Popopo, he had put Bondy’s dragster on the throttle, it took three to stop him.

20:58 : The entrance of the two teams on the pitch! Marqui and his kid in the lead.

20:56 : Very, very good atmosphere at the Maccabi stadium. It’s not huge, about 35,000 people, but it’s loud, and apparently for a good half hour. And nice typhus by the way.

20:53 : In case of victory, PSG can already stand out in this group H, if we assume that Juve will do the job at home against Benfica (well, at least not lose what). In this crazy early season schedule, it’s important to be comfortable at the start.

20:51 : The players have finished their warm-up. Only a few minutes left until the Champion’s anthem!

20:47 : News from Gire (Milan won 3-1 against Dinamo Zagreb). Hello DD list tomorrow (without Karim a priori)

20:44 : Note the presence in this team of two Frenchmen, Pierre Cornud and Dylan Batubinsika. The latter was trained at PSG precisely, the Rabiot generation, Coman, Maignan… And then there is also the former Guingampais Pierrot, Maccabi’s top scorer since the start of the season.

20:42 : I’ll spare you the Maccabi composition in Hebrew. But otherwise it looks like this > Cohen – Sundgren, Batubinsika, Goldberg, Cornud – Chery, Lavi (cap), Abu Fani – Atzili, Pierrot, Aziza

20:40 : The Parisian composition of tonight. Hakimi at rest therefore replaced by Mukiele. And it is Danilo who takes Kimpembe’s place in the back. Otherwise classic with the MNM in action.

8:38 p.m.: Tut tut we’re here! Official start of this live.

11 am: While waiting for the meeting, a little reading. You’ll notice we have a lot of flair in the theme choice as Hakimi is announced as a replacement.

11 am: I footix! We meet again for a new live Champions. PSG travel to Maccabi Haifa after a good start to the competition against Juventus (2-1 victory). The Parisians face an opponent that is within reach but you never know, the magic of the Coupe de France… eh, well, you got it. PSG still have four wins in a row, but the last two have been slower and it will be interesting to see if Galtier’s men have the resources to raise their level of play. The challenge will also be defensive for Paname in the absence of Kimpembe, who should be replaced by Danilo Pereira.

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