Perpignan: operated seven times on the big toe, Stéphanie contracts a golden staphylococcus that bites her foot

Perpignan: operated seven times on the big toe, Stéphanie contracts a golden staphylococcus that bites her foot

After surgery for a hallux valgus, commonly called a bunion, after falling in the garden of her Claira apartment condominium, Stéphanie Vietti, 48, sank into a nightmare that has lasted 19 months. On September 26, 2022, during her next appointment at the CHU Lapeyronie in Montpellier, she will find out if the 8th surgery on the big toe of the right foot will lead to bone graft reconstruction or amputation of the upper part of the foot Until then, she fights against the most dangerous Staphylococcus aureus, a nosocomial disease contracted in Perpignan.

For nineteen months, the comedian Olivier Vietti has lost his smile. In Claira’s once-jovial family apartment, he has traded microphones, lights and other performance props for the panoply and medications of a real hospital room. Stéphanie, his wife and mother of his two children, lives in bed, with his right foot bruised under a thick bandage, his left arm armed with a “Picc line”, a kind of catheter that diffuses a cocktail of antibiotics and powerful painkillers into infusion. .

Since an ordinary fall into a damaged gutter in the condominium, the medical secretary by profession has endured hell. “It was dark on February 6, 2021, around 7 p.m., when he fell into this hole that had not been repaired”denounce her husband. “I had pain everywhere, I took paracetamol and went to bed”continues Stéphanie Vietti, who wakes up completely sore the next day. Her treating physician diagnosed a broken rib and ordered an X-ray of her right foot, whose big toe was abnormally swollen and painful.

Hallus Valgus or fracture of the big toe, Staphylococcus aureus eats away at Stephanie’s toe.
Nicholas Parent – Nicholas Parent

The examination carried out “my GP sent me to Medipole. He saw something wrong in the images”. The 40-year-old has a speed appointment on February 13, during which a surgeon “He explains to me that I have a hallux valgus that has moved and that it must be operated quickly”. He intervenes on this deformity of the big toe on February 26. On an outpatient basis. “He put a stainless steel plate and six screws on me and I got home”, Stephanie testifies, worried that she won’t feel the slightest bit of relief. Her home health nurse noted poor healing. Her finger remains large, sensitive, filled with pus. The doctor confirms and operates on Stéphanie again on April 14, 2021. “There he took everything from me and I was left with a simple bandage.”

However, nothing helps, the condition of his foot worsens. On September 23, the orthopedist performs a third arthrodesis. “He grafted bone and this time he immobilized my toe with a titanium plate”, specifies the patient whose ordeal continues. To the point that the doctor called her back to the operating room on October 19 to take samples. 48 hours later, the result drops. Stephanie Vietti has developed an infection. “I had a fever, they took me urgently to the tropical and infectious diseases service (SMIT) of the Perpignan hospital..

In the act, Stephanie’s blood accelerates. “I had hired a nosocomial disease, a golden staphylococcus called aureus, the most dangerous. He is the one who cost Guillaume Depardieu his life.”, scared the Vietti couple. Stéphanie is hospitalized at home and receives infusions four times a day. Unsuccessfully. On December 9, she returns to the clinic. “The practitioner removes the titanium equipment and assures me that he can’t do anything else for me”.

I had a simple fracture, it should have healed in three or four weeks.

She moves heaven and earth in search of another specialist who can put her back on her feet and finds him in Narbonne. On February 26, 2022, “He looked at my wound, my x-rays and let me go: But why did you have hallux valgus surgery when you had a fractured big toe? A brace would have been enough to heal you in three or four weeks.”

Failing that, on the following April 5, the Audois attempted an intervention. The fifth but not the last. The staph is still there, it has eaten into the bone even more deeply. After a meticulous cleaning, the Narbonnais redone a graft and replaced a plate before sending Stéphanie to a professor at CHU Lapeyronie in Montpellier who consulted her on July 5. The expert opts for a suspension of the medication until August 9. “I was taking less than 80 milligrams of morphine every day, I was writhing in pain, my foot was in a bowl of ice water.Stephanie sighs, whose torture knows no respite. The following August 12, when the Montpellier surgeon reopened the patient’s lesion, Staphylococcus aureus “it had eaten the entire graft and broke the titanium plate in half”. He puts her back on shock treatment.

His eighth surgery on September 26

This Tuesday, September 6, the teacher makes a point with the family. The infection seems to have subsided. Still on a trickle of powerful antibiotics and painkillers, the 40-year-old knows she now has only two options left. An eighth surgery scheduled for September 26, according to two protocols. If Stéphanie is cured by then, Montpellier will try to rebuild her toe. But she will have to wear a disability and an orthopedic shoe for life. Otherwise, amputation of the top of her right foot will be inevitable.

“Not to mention the sword of Damocles that I have in my head. Staphylococcus can fall asleep but it will stay in me, killing it is impossible”he fears that Stephanie has prescribed antidepressants and sleeping pills. “Thanks to the invaluable support of my marMe and my children”, she says. Olivier, this double of Laurent Gerra, who placed Lourdes water everywhere in the traumatized house.

The lawyer of the Vietti spouses takes advantage of the justice of a request for expert opinion

This broken mother trusted,“our crazy story” while her husband makes a face, to Me Mathieu Reynier from the Bordeaux bar. “I tried to solve the problem in a friendly way but I did not get a response from the interested parties, in this case the insurer of the owner of the farm where my client was injured and the one of the Médipole St. Roch clinic”., he says. Consequently, “I am going to present a summary summons to the court of Nanterre this week”, adds Me Reynier. The request will be accompanied by the request for the appointment of a panel of experts called to decide. Find out if Stephanie suffered from a hallux valgus or a fracture and if her condition required surgery. Or not.

Philippe Aulombard: “If the nosocomial nature of the infection is recognized, we will assume”

Philippe Aulombard, director of the Médipole Saint-Roch clinic in Cabestany expresses his solidarity. “We regret the suffering of the patient, unfortunately of several thousand people who spend each year in our structures, an accident can always happen. Medicine is an art that is not infallible., reaction to. And to confirm: “Mrs. Vietti has been operated on three times in our services, and she has never filed a complaint with us. Last May we received a letter from her lawyer. From then on, we apply the procedure that is common to all health institutions, “We have communicated the contact details of our insurance to this council. And today, we are waiting for the return of the medical experts. If the doctors recognize the character nosocomial infection, we will assume.The file will be processed by the conciliation and compensation commission for medical accidents (CCI).

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