Luka Doncic showed his bad face at the end

Luka Doncic showed his bad face at the end

I was on another planet. She seemed untouchable. His teammate, Goran Dragic, had even stated that he might one day become the GOAT. After the eliminations of Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic had a boulevard to become the King of Europe. But this Wednesday night, during the loss to Poland, the Dallas superstar fell from a very high level…

Before the match, the only reason that could make us believe in an upset from Poland was Luka Doncic’s ankle. The phenomenon had not trained on Monday after the victory against Belgium in the round of 16, he who had rather been seen with an ice pack at foot height. Unfortunately for the Slovenians, the concerns we had about Luka were legitimate when we look at the scene of this Wednesday’s game against Poland. Doncic played 35 of the 40 minutes for his team, but very quickly we felt that we were not against him. real Doncic. Content at first to play with the others and hand out caviar, Luka then dove in with his entire team in a disastrous second quarter for Slovenia (13-29 for the Poles in the period). It was then that Luka Magic became Luka Tragic, showing his evil face amidst the Slovenian stalemate.. Playing on one leg, usually in difficult physical conditions, losing balls and clumsy at the end, Doncic chained the galleys as we sometimes chain them when we’re just having a bad night. And when Doncic is having a bad night, he’s the type to go up the towers pretty quickly to complain to the referees or berate some of his friends who aren’t doing the job well enough.

If Luka Doncic played a big part in the Slovenians’ comeback in the third quarter (24-6 to Slovenia) by being much more pungent, it was just a sunny parenthesis on an afternoon that fell to the Poles. Luka’s flank, which however had taken control by leading by five points midway through the fourth quarter, ended up collapsing in the face of resistance from AJ Slaughter and Co. Comme un symbole, c’est au moment où le match changeait de camp that Doncic écopé d’une faute technique pour l’ensemble de son œuvre, avant d’enchaîner deux briques sur la ligne des lancers-francs à 79-76 pour Poland. Just a few possessions later, Luka received his fifth foul, synonymous with expulsion. Hard, very hard for the triple NBA All-Star, forced to watch -impotently- the last minutes from the bench. The last image we will have of Luka in this EuroBasket 2022 is the image of a super frustrated star who calls the referees names of birds at the end of the game after an uncalled foul on Klemen Prepelic in the final moments. It’s really not the conclusion we were hoping for after Luka’s madness night after night during this competition. Therefore, Doncic has just left Berlin through the back door, probably with the least successful performance of his Euro given what is at stake: 14 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists, 6 turnovers, 5 fouls, all at stake. 5/15 shots including a small 2/7 on 3s and 1/4 on free throws. Ugly.

“Physically I probably wasn’t 100%. I received an injection in the third trimester. I had to face many things during this EuroBasket. But that’s not the reason we lost. Today I played terribly, I let my team down, I let my whole country down. »

– Luka Doncic, via BasketballNews

Luka Doncic wanted to lead Slovenia to the top for a second European Championship title in a row. But like Jokic, like Giannis, he fell victim to the magic of this EuroBasket, definitely like no other. And that, we imagine that Luka The Don is doing very badly…

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