Assault on PSG player Kheira Hamraoui: three men in police custody

Assault on PSG player Kheira Hamraoui: three men in police custody

Ten months after the nebulous attack on PSG player Kheira Hamraoui, the investigation has just made a spectacular breakthrough. Three suspects were arrested on Wednesday by police officers from the Versailles judicial police banditry repression brigade (BRB) on the basis of a rogatory commission from the investigating judge in charge of the judicial investigation opened for “criminal association and “aggravated violence”. “. ”.

Investigators believe they have finally identified the criminal organization behind the violent beating of the 32-year-old midfielder of the Parisian club on November 4, 2021, near Chatou (Yvelines). Among the suspects are two men from Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (Val-de-Marne), the third from Yerres (Essonne). At this stage, they are suspected of being the authors of the attack, the police custody has the particular objective of determining the motives and establishing if there is a sponsor. As revealed by Le JDD, they are in their twenties and known to the police for delinquency.

On the night of November 4, 2021, the club organizes a dinner that brings together PSG players and members of the women’s section staff in a luxury restaurant in the Bois de Boulogne, in Paris. “A meal of cohesion”, as they say in the jargon. At the end of the party, around 10:30 p.m., three footballers – Aminata Diallo, Kheira Hamraoui and Sakina Karchaoui (left back, 26 years old) returned together in the former’s car, a Toyota Corolla on loan from the club. Karchaoui was the first to be dropped off at her house, near Chatou, a small, quiet village in Yvelines.

First police custody after six days

Diallo, at the wheel, and Hamraoui, in the passenger seat, then return to the home of the second, located a few minutes away, when two hooded men burst in front of the car and stop it in its tracks. Each placed on either side of the Toyota, one of the attackers presses Diallo against the steering wheel to prevent him from moving while his accomplice pulls Hamraoui out of his place, throws her to the ground and begins to fight with iron bars. . The tricolor international protects herself in some way with her arms. She says she heard her tormentor yell “married men”, possibly “So how do we sleep with married men?” Following this ultra-violent but quick attack, the commando fled on foot. The victim suffered multiple bruises and was detained for three weeks.

Very quickly, the Versailles PJ investigators explore Kheira Hamraoui’s feuds. Six days later, on November 10, Aminata Diallo was arrested at her home in Marly-le-Roi (Yvelines) and taken into police custody to everyone’s surprise. In fact, the police learn that relations between the two teammates are not as good as the club tries to make them believe, with Diallo being Hamraoui’s natural replacement. The two women, however, deny any rivalry. Above all, curiously, on the night of the events, Diallo was not injured and would have driven slowly when the attacking pair appeared. In addition, she has known members of the police around her, including a man detained in the Lyon prison and also taken into police custody. The latter was suspected of having made numerous malicious phone calls to PSG players to denigrate Kheira Hamraoui and portray her as a “croqueuse of married men”, “unscrupulous”.

False clues and lovers

Just a few hours later, Aminata Diallo and her friend were released without facing any legal process at this stage. The midfielder proclaims her innocence and laments that her name has been thrown into the woods. At the same time, the researchers multiply the surprises. It seems that Kheira Hamraoui has made a lot of enemies due to her past relationships with men who are already in a relationship, which she makes no secret of. Quite the contrary: audios revealed by an “influencer”, attributed to the player, allow the young woman to be heard making fun of her conquests and her wives. Among her lovers, soccer players or former soccer players, including Éric Abidal, former star of the French soccer team and former sports director of FC Barcelona. He and Hamraoui met in Spain.

During his hearings, the victim revealed that the chip on his phone was in the name of Eric Abidal, apparently a gift. Thus, the name of Hayet Abidal, wife of the former international, appeared in the investigation as a possible suspect with the interest of sponsoring a retaliation operation. But the young woman, heard on December 20 as a simple witness in the Versailles PJ, is quickly acquitted. She did not know anything about her husband’s adulterous relationship, it was also known the next day, with Hamraoui. The case has since precipitated the end of their relationship. “This girl is diabolical”, confided Hayet Abidal, about Kheira Hamraoui, in an interview with our newspaper, portraying “a problem girl”.

In the months that followed, the police did not give up Diallo’s trail. A relative of the player, nicknamed “Haha”, was summoned to the Versailles PJ on April 26, 2022 for “checks”. Having failed to fulfill the appointment, he was arrested the next day, taken into police custody, but released without charge at this stage. The investigation then seemed to skid ever since. In fact, the police continued to pull the cable quietly, until this twist and this raid this morning. They are now convinced that Hamraoui’s attackers are in their hands. The case has left traces sportingly. Aminata Diallo has not been extended at PSG and has started a legal dispute with the club, while Kheira Hamraoui, still on a one-year contract but marginalized from the group, has just learned, through the voice of the deputy sports director, that she “is not part of PSG’s sports project this season.”*

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