Womanizer: which model to buy?

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Womanizer is THE sex toy brand par excellence in the world. But, which model to use according to your wishes and your budget? Reply here.

Womanizer is the most popular sex toy brand on the market. Since the first model launched in 2014 by Michael and Brigitte Lenke, the sex toy and its technology – then unprecedented – of non-contact pulsed air stimulation has revolutionized sextech, to the point of becoming a benchmark of its kind. Today, the company attached to the American group Wow-Tech has a whole range of sex toys in its catalog. Models for all prices, which have in common the patented Pleasure Air technology, the same that has contributed to the worldwide success of the company. For a first purchase, a gift, or to calm your eco-anxiety, we take stock of the available models, and the advantages of each one.

cousin 2 organic premium classic 2 star 3 Freedom
Colors – Black
– Garnet
– Blue Night
– Pink
– White white
– Pink -Black
– Garnet

Marilyn Edition:
– mint
– Red
– White marble
– black marble

– Turquoise
– Violet
– Pink
– Gray
– Violet
– Pink
– Blue
– Garnet
Stimulus – Clitoral stimulation with Pleasure Air Technology – Clitoral stimulation with Pleasure Air Technology – Clitoral stimulation with Pleasure Air Technology – Clitoral stimulation with Pleasure Air Technology – Clitoral stimulation with Pleasure Air Technology
Materials – Medical silicone -Biolene
– Medical silicone mouthpiece
– Soft-touch ABS plastic
– Medical silicone mouthpiece
– ABS plastic
– Medical silicone mouthpiece
– ABS plastic
– Medical silicone mouthpiece
Autonomy – 240 minutes
– 120 minutes of charging
– 240 minutes
– 120 minutes of charging
– 180 minutes
– 120 minutes of charging
– 30 minutes
– 30 minutes of charging
– 60 minutes
– 120 minutes of charging
intensity levels 14 12 10 6 6
Characteristic – Smart mute
– Autopilot
– Autopilot Marilyn Edition:
– glow
Waterproof Yes IPX7 Splash proof IPX4 Yes IPX7 Yes IPX7 Yes IPX7
Reward €189 €189 €129 €69 €99

Womanizer Premium 2: The Ultimate Sex Toy

© Amandine Joniaux / JDG

Our test of the Womanizer Premium 2 really did not leave any suspense, it is one of the best sex toys on the market. Launched at the end of last year, the device concentrates all the know-how of the brand, in a very high-end model that stands out from the rest of the catalog.

With its full silicone coating, the Womanizer premium model also offers the most advanced technical sheet. Pleasure Air technology is available in 14 intensity levels, the widest ever offered by the brand. The device promises to be suitable for everyone, including the less sensitive of the clitoris, who until now had to rely on more powerful models such as the LELO Sona 2.

Another advantage of the Womanizer Premium 2 compared to the rest of the range: the presence of the function smart Silence, which automatically stops the sex toy when it’s no longer in contact with the skin, as well as Autopilot, which stands out as the most effective random mode we’ve ever tested. Obviously, with so many features, the Premium 2 is also the most expensive of this selection.

We love : Its finishes, its 14 levels of intensity, its Autopilot
We like less: Its price

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Womanizer Premium Eco: make rhymes between masturbation and ecology

Womanizer sextech Premium Eco sex toy
© Amandine Joniaux / JDG

Is an effective and good for the planet sex toy possible? Yes promises Womanizer, with the Premium Éco, her first printed sex toy “green” and made from biolene, a material made primarily from organic materials, which is biodegradable and more durable.

In terms of technical specifications, the Premium Eco is located just below the Premium 2: we find 12 intensity levels, but also the Smart Silence function. There is no autopilot in sight and, as with all Womanizer devices, charging is magnetic. The eco-responsible model requires, battery can be easily replaced when needed, which is a real advantage in the fight against planned obsolescence.

If the Womanizer Premium Eco is a concentrate of good ideas, it lacks some approximations. Starting from the fact that the biolene used in the manufacture of the sex toy is theoretically biodegradable, but only under industrial conditions. In practice, recycling channels are almost non-existent in Europe, which usually leads to a conventional rubbish bin. Without crying about greenwashing, we therefore salute Womanizer’s effort to anchor itself in a more responsible policy, bearing in mind that the brand continues to distribute its Womanizer One, single-use models that are essential as a model of planned obsolescence. One (big) noticeable flaw: Unlike all the other models in the range, it is not waterproof.

We love : The removable battery, the ecological commitment
We like less: Its price, the absence of IPX7 certification

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Womanizer Classic 2: the best value for money

Womanizer sextech sextoy Marilyn classic
© Amandine Joniaux / JDG

Halfway between the Premium 2 and the brand’s more affordable models, the Womanizer Classic 2 is still a safe bet. Its soft-touch ABS plastic coating remains very pleasant under the fingers, and there are 10 stimulation intensities, a wide range of possibilities to adapt to the greatest number. All while still being much cheaper than its most exclusive version.

The icing on the cake, the brand launched this month a Marilyn Monroe Special Edition. If we still have a hard time understanding the link between the American actress and Womanizer, we appreciate the new colors of mint, red and marble, a bit kitsch but quite pleasant, for a timeless sex toy. Note that unlike the original Classic 2, this limited edition is also offered. an additional feature with Afterglow, allowing the stimulator to return to the lowest intensity once orgasm is reached.

We love : The best value for money
We like less: The plastic coating

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Womanizer Starlet 3: perfect for beginners

Womanizer sextech sex toy Starlet 3
© Amandine Joniaux / JDG

When opting for a Womanizer, you should generally expect to pay a few hundred euros. The brand is focusing on the top of the range, but seems to have realized that its technology has every interest in reaching small budgets. In addition to ROMP, its brand of low-cost satellites, the company also launched the Starlet, then its successors 2 and 3. An officially presented pacemaker for less than €70, often discounted around €40and that stands out as the ideal first sex toy to discover Pleasure Air technology without breaking the bank.

Who says low price, obviously says low power. For the Starlet 3, you will have to content yourself with 6 intensities, without Smart Silence or Autopilot. Nothing to worry about, it’s more than enough to discover the pleasures of non-contact stimulation. Only real defect of the device: its autonomy of only 30 minuteswhich requires you to regularly pass through the cargo box.

We love : Its price, its ease of use
We like less: Its autonomy of 30 min, its 6 levels of intensity

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Womanizer Liberty: the on-the-go sex toy

Womanizer sextech Liberty sex toy
© Amandine Joniaux / JDG

A worthy successor to the famous Womanizer Pro 40 (the same one that made the brand successful), the Womanizer Liberty is, in our opinion, one of the best alternatives to the very expensive Premium 2. With its elegant small format, its protective case to take it everywhere and its 6 levels of intensity, the brand’s nomadic sex toy is a hit for all those looking for an effective and discreet model. There is no risk of it exploding in a suitcase or handbag.

We love : Its small size, its storage case
We like less: Its 6 intensity levels

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