iPhone 14 Pro: from the first tests to measured enthusiasm

iPhone 14 Pro: from the first tests to measured enthusiasm

48 hours before the arrival of the iPhone 14 Pro/Max to its first customers and stores, the two models were able to be evaluated by carefully selected testers. A sample of what we can expect from these 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max that we will rush to test very soon.

Dynamic Island, the new Apple attraction

“Dynamic Island” is a clever way to use a hardware constraint, that of not being able to hide all of Face ID’s TrueDepth sensors under the display, in new software. The contours of this perforated area in two places on the screen are obviously sensitive to touch. Therefore, they allow interaction with the interface elements that are displayed there. At least that’s what Apple’s demos suggested.

Source: The Edge

In fact, we don’t interact with this dynamic island that often, laments Nilay Patel in the edge. It’s mostly a place, a kind of new widgetized space, bringing together little bits of information that were once scattered across the screen. And when two indicators must be displayed at the same time, Apple has defined a priority order between them.

This place is mainly used for display rather than action. In addition, it is not a touch that will enlarge this area, as one might think, it simply has the effect of bringing to the foreground the app on which the touched element depends. It will be necessary to maintain pressure to enlarge the island widthwise. patrick holland in CNET did not notice any problem with its selfies and Face ID by dint of leaving fingerprints on the sensors.

This island also has the characteristic of being located lower than the previous notch and therefore invades more useful content. Developers may need to review their applications, in any case, some have already integrated indicators in this dynamic island.

A first list of actions and indications that go through the Dynamic Island and the first apps that use it. Source: Apple

At the moment, this novelty is very nice, its animations are up to the task thanks to an ultra-fine anti-aliasing on the contours. Apple has taken special care in this achievement, but it stands out a lot on the screen due to its sometimes still limited utility, he judges the edge.

An always ready screen

By being able to reduce the refresh rate of its screens to 1 Hz, the iPhone 14 Pro can, like Android, keep the display of time, date and widgets. The visual is also blurred but we can still see it out of the corner of the eye.

Except we almost see too image, laments Nilay Patel ” I’d rather have a pixel-style black and white clock than something that makes my phone feel like it’s constantly on “. With the fear that this also affects the autonomy. With the Pro Max widely used by the team of the edgethe batteries in any case lasted quite the day.

The new mode on the left. Credit: Gabby Jones, Wall Street Journal

For Patrick Patrick Holland of CNET, this screen with its content clearly visible, even in standby mode, is likely to be distracting when placed next to it. You can of course disable this feature. Plus, the screen turns itself off when you slip it into your pocket, put it upside down on a table, or use another Apple device next to it.

Beautiful photos, but not necessarily much better.

For the first time, the iPhone goes to 48 mpx (instead of 12) in its wide-angle sensor, the main one. The optical part of the front also shows the progress, on paper. We’ve detailed these changes in depth, but in practice, does the iPhone 14 Pro outperform its predecessors in image quality?

Photo, video: evolution or revolution for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro?

Photo, video: evolution or revolution for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro?

Nilay Patel in the edge tempers the expectations of those who expect frank differences in the photos of the 13 Pro. ” In general they take very similar photos ” Y ” you really have to look closely he said repeatedly. He also laments that Apple is pushing a little harder on noise reduction and edge enhancement. Other brands like Samsung don’t have such a heavy hand (although they can on colors). As for the improvements made to the photo block on the front, autofocus in particular, it wouldn’t change much for anything that comes from selfies.

Pixel 6 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro (where the background is less controlled)
iPhone 14 Pro. The green light dots are still there. Obviously, Apple hasn’t found a way to remove them using post-processing software. Source: Wired

Bell sound strictly identical to that of Julian Chokkattu for cabling who says that it was difficult for him to distinguish the differences between his shots obtained with the 13 Pro and those of the 14 Pro” The 14 Pro can take slightly sharper and brighter images than its predecessor, especially when shooting on the move, but you really have to look closely to tell the difference. Sometimes the 13 Pro did even better. Chokkattu makes the same point for his selfies, it’s not that different from the 13 Pro, autofocus notwithstanding.

As for Joanna Stern in Wall Street Journala blind test with his colleagues saw that some of them preferred photos taken with an iPhone 13 Pro over those of a 14 Pro. CNETPatrick Holland is a little less harsh, judging that his phone took better photos when in a medium or low light situation.

video takes action

Does Action mode and its super stabilized videos allow the iPhone 14s (all models have it) to replace specialized accessories like Gimbal? That is ” fun to play writes Nilay Patel but it will be a few more years before it is really useful “. A bit like the Cinematic mode of the iPhone 13 Pro in short. In question, the important cut executed in the center of the image, then the need to have a lot of light and finally the absence of 4K (2.8K). House of cabling we don’t say anything else This mode produced smoother shots, but at the sacrifice of a slightly lower resolution (2.8K) it also needs a lot of light to work. “.

Satellite SOS

The function of sending help messages by satellite connection will only arrive in November and first in the United States and Canada. Apple offered a highly supervised demo from its campus. Patel explains that their connection was established after 30 seconds, with some trees obscuring the sky. It should also be remembered that this service will be offered for the first two years, but that Apple has not said anything about the prices provided thereafter.


Between a 13 Pro and a 14 Pro, a 13 Pro Max and a 14 Pro Max, the autonomy values ​​have remained stable. At most we earn an hour in video playback, according to Apple figures.

Julian Chokkattu by cabling celebrated a full day with its 14 Pro and Pro Max, specifying that the second could even offer extra until the next morning, or even during the afternoon. Patrick Holland noted an indication of 6 hours of screen time on average with his Pro Max. Siding with Joanna Stern in Wall Street Journalthe very good autonomy of the 13 Pro has not improved especially with the 14 Pro. The impact on the battery of the always-on screen seems negligible in any case.

In conclusion

The iPhone 13 Pro represented the culmination of several ideas, with the 14 Pro, we are clearly witnessing the ” debut of many new ideas, such as Dynamic Island, the new camera and this satellite connectivity system sums up Nilay Patel. Good ideas? That’s the whole point, he adds, and you can pass on this model and wait to see what they give, once matured, with the next one.

CNET suggests, like others, not to rush into this generation when you already have the previous one -it is a classic for the end of tests every year, except for the years of technological advance, as was the case with the ‘iPhone X or 11 But for others , it can be hard to resist the lure of new features on offer. Coming from an iPhone that is several years old, it will be fireworks.

Of course, there are millions of how-to videos on YouTube showing these devices in all their glory.

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