MotoGP Aragón J0 Debriefing Johann Zarco (Ducati): “I am very different from the rest of the riders and I don’t feel the same”, etc. (Integrity) – Paddock GP

MotoGP Aragón J0 Debriefing Johann Zarco (Ducati): “I am very different from the rest of the riders and I don't feel the same”, etc.  (Integrity) - Paddock GP

This Thursday, September 15, 2022, johann zarco answered questions from journalists from the Motorland Aragón circuit ahead of the Aragón Grand Prix.

The French rider arrives after five difficult days in Misano and is currently in 5th place in the world ranking.

As usualWe report here the words of johann zarco without any formatting, even if it is partially translated (using you for English, you for French).

This circuit is favorable for Ducati, so favorable for you?
johann zarco “That’s what you say (laughs)! I’m very different from the rest of the riders and I don’t feel the same, but it’s a great circuit where I think we can be back again thanks to the good power we have, although the other bikes be well.. But the main thing of the weekend is the return of Marc: I think he will be up and almost fighting for the podium, because here it is simply magical and he will have a lot of energy to give. I am happy to change the circuit because we did five days in total at Misano and I never had the good feeling that I can sometimes have. And even during the test we worked well, but still with resentments towards me and without the possibility of really having fun on the bike. So I am quite happy to change the circuit and to be a bit fresher in terms of feeling to get good results.The restart of the season, after the summer break, with Silverstone and Misano was good even if Silverstone didn’t pay for me, but I had a feeling Difficult ions in Misano and even during the test I had some difficulties as well as a difficult feeling. So I want to enjoy this circuit and use the Ducati well. When I see Pecco winning races, and even Bastianini’s last lap, which was really amazing, I can only motivate myself to do it myself. Wait ! I don’t know when, but I’m kind of ready for it. »

Did Ducati bring many novelties during the Misano test?
“I wouldn’t say a lot of new things because we just tried different scenarios and different things. I’ve been a bit quick with everything we’ve tried, so it’s positive that I can adapt to any set-up on the bike, but we haven’t really found one where I can say ‘OK, it’s my bike’. At least, as far as Misano is concerned. As I said, what we tried was quite positive for me, but not all the drivers had the same comment. For Pecco, as he currently has a great feeling, trying something else for himself, he doesn’t want to encounter any problems because he feels very good with what he has. Whereas for me, just talking about Misano, I can be positive with some changes, because the base bike was not good for me at Misano. But I think having eight drivers giving different feedback is helpful for Gigi and the others. »

Do you think that the Misano test could be a kind of distraction for Pecco, since he drove perfectly during the weekend?
“I think with experience you have to control those kinds of emotions. At Misano, it’s his home circuit, so it was like a kind of super training. We always complain that we don’t know how to ride or we try to ride on production bikes, but it’s never the same as in MotoGP. We had two days there with good track conditions and MotoGP, so that’s what we love! I think he really took it as extra practice in controlling his bike. »

If you are half a second off the clock: is it something you can do or is it the settings?
“It’s always a combination of things, but half a second on the qualifying lap is something where the driver can make a difference. Adjustments then help you repeat that lap time with less energy, so adjustments can help you get the consistency you sometimes lack. »

Is Motorland Aragón a circuit that you like?
I think it will be good to find a great circuit, because as Misano was difficult for me, we will say that it allows a change of scenery to have a different track.
Clearly that’s where I had a bad performance last year, but I don’t stop at that because it changes from one year to the next, and I want to work on the technique, the driving, not too much headache for nothing, and that by applying it. plays. I hope to do that here and the weather looks good where it’s often a bit chilly and the right side of the tire is a bit tricky. If the temperatures are good, it will allow you to have a little more confidence right away. »

You had some problems in Misano, were you able to find solutions during the test?
” No ! The tests were used to try new things and we also made a lot of different adjustments. I manage to be efficient and fast enough with any option, but never as comfortable as I would have liked. And in the end I was tired because the first day was still a lot This year, Misano was not for me! As Schwantz once said “what do you like most about Japan? It’s when I pack my bags and go home”, in Misano I think it was the same (laughs). ). »

Psychologically, how do you prepare for each race?
“The experience! Experience, because thinking too much before a race is not good. It really is time on the bike. Afterwards, I think there is a way during the weekend to stay completely on your topic, or sometimes get off it, and if you get out of it, it’s not good. This is where you really have to focus everything on one thing. I’ve done it in the past and I do it again from time to time, but sometimes when it gets hard, I It’s hard to stay because it bothers me and I leave. Finally, it’s even worse. So, yes, a kind of “putting everything, head and body, for one thing” and not letting go. But here it is, doing it too far upstream is not good either You have to have a free spirit to compensate for certain things. »

Is it difficult, with three Grands Prix in a row now?
“It can be good because you don’t get off topic. Later we will say that we have to start, but at least we don’t have time to go to spread out, because when we go outside we find ourselves alone with the person who accompanies us. We still make beautiful trips and that, from experience, brings me good. »

During the test, are you the one who has tried the most things on Ducati?
” Not really. Later, there, for example for Misano, in certain tests I was more favorable because as I had had many problems and had not been able to get out of them, when I tried other things I was more positive, while a Pecco does so well with what it has that is normal is that there is fear of trying something else. Only that, there are already two different mentalities and it is interesting for engineers too. Thanks to the bad results, I am almost more open. Well, I call it bad results , but in fact I have only missed one race since we resumed. Even if in terms of points I only scored the 11 points for fifth place, but the recovery after the summer was very good and we will say that I only missed Misano. But as soon as we miss one, we make quite a drama. »

Did you have any technical problems?
“No! No! After that, I started very slowly for the warm-up lap and didn’t warm up my clutch enough. It’s possible, because we noticed that when it gets a little hotter, it grips better. There might be a little bit of that, because in the image it is a failed start, but on the clock it is the others who are going faster and faster at the start. So it is not easy to handle. »

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