Electricity: beware of the peak hours/off-peak hours option, it is not always advantageous!


Everyone has an interest in adopt a good electrical regime. Portfolios depend on it. Many households in France have opted for the peak hour/off-peak hour scheme (HP-HC). According to the observations of the site toutsurmesfinances.com, more than 50% of EDF clients would have chosen this scheme. This majority decision is necessarily correct ? But why does it attract so many people? Is it really as profitable as they say? We tell you everything.

How does the peak/off-peak rate work?

The principle of the base tariff is simple: the price per kWh throughout the day and throughout the night does not change. However, this is not the case for peak hours/off-peak hours (HP-HC).

For the HP-HC option, the price per kWh varies during the day. The consumer will pay less per kWh for 8 hours. On the other hand, outside this time slot, the rate per kWh will be higher. The annual subscription this is also more expensive than the base rate.

Various electricity providers they have planned the peak hours/off-peak hours regime. This is the case of Alpiq, Cdiscount Énergie, EDF, Mint Énergie, Ohm Énergie, etc.

The off-peak hours of the scheme depend on the municipality in which the consumer is located. The electricity distributor determine the appropriate time intervals that’s why. It makes this choice according to several parameters, in particular: the local capacity of the public networks and the operating conditions.

What are the off-peak hours of the plan like?

Rush hours are set for two time slots. They are marked on everyone’s electricity bill.

  • This can take place during the night: from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. To maintain the 8-hour time slots, can occur between 10 pm and 6 amor between 11 pm and 7 am
  • It can also take place at night (ie between midnight and 8 am) and in the afternoon (ie between 12 and 5 pm).

These time slots normally correspond to the valley hours of the municipality. consumption is less strong right now. This is also the reason why the client cannot choose the time slot for his home by himself.

If you have a problem, you can always contact your electricity provider. A search engine, created by Enedis, also allows knowing the time slots of each municipality.

Is the peak/off-peak hour rate more profitable for its electricity consumption?

The slot system in the rush/off-peak formula looks very promising. In spite of everything, the annual subscription of this is still higher than the basic rate.

For the scheme to be profitable for you, you must schedule the vast majority of your electricity consumption outside of peak hours. Used wisely, this system can save you a lot of money.

the people who not consume enough during the less active time slots they have no interest in subscribing to the formula. Those who use gas instead of electricity to heat their homes have little interest in adopt the HP-HC diet.

A household using the latter is profitable from the moment it is consumed at least at a rate of 45% during fixed off-peak hours. A person who does not consume as much electricity, during these time slots, cannot be profitable. An individual living alone, in a studio or in a T2, should reconsider her choice before opting for the HP-HC diet.

Consume more during off-peak hours

This time slot system is a measure to encourage customers to consume electricity when schedules are less tense. In this way, electricity distributors will be able to avoid excessively high consumption peaks.

In principle, for this option to be profitable, you must program your electricity consumption strategically. So you want to make sure you spend more during off-peak hours.

The best solution is to set your electrical devices to consume more during this time. Use your hot water heater, dishwasher, washer and dryer during these times.

If your appliance is equipped with built-in programmers, the task is easier for you. The hot water tanks are also equipped with a contactor. This will allow you to choose the AUTO function, which only works during off-peak hours.

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