Black Friday: Be stingy, Amazon drops 7 nuggets in the wild ⚡️

Black Friday: Be stingy, Amazon drops 7 nuggets in the wild ⚡️

We have officially entered Black Friday week. Amazon has flooded its shopping platform with thousands of attractive discounts. We’ve been around and here’s our pick of deals not to be missed on Tuesday.

For the big Black Friday deal, Amazon faces stiff competition from French e-retailers like Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty. This Tuesday we took a tour of all these platforms to recover the best high-tech offers.

Obviously, sorting through these thousands of offers to select only the best is not easy. It also depends on individual needs. For this Black Friday, Amazon once again concentrates most of the best offers. The operation comes directly from the United States and, therefore, it is logical that the American site occupies the first positions during this operation in France.

This Black Friday, however, allows other more local players to emerge. Cdiscount or Fnac continue to be very dynamic and justify their position on the podium in the sector. Added to them are direct brands that no longer hesitate to make discounts in their store to start a privileged relationship with their customers. We have listed several above that have attractive discounts. Samsung, Dyson, Emma or Xiaomi are good examples.

How to get out of all offers?

There are two scenarios for this Black Friday: either you know exactly what you want and in this case you type it in the search bar of the merchant’s site, or you don’t know and you have to let yourself be guided by the latter. . For example, Amazon has developed a specific section for the operation where discounts are consolidated based on the types of products. Consolidate current offers by including the most popular on the first page.

So you can find subsections specialized in brands or products. As always, Black Friday at Amazon gives way to the big brands. Therefore, there are inevitably Apple products, video game consoles like Switch, computers and touch tablets (iPad, Surface Pro) or even Amazon group brands. Blink, Ring, Kindle or even Echo speakers are ubiquitous.

On some of these premium brands, you can claim steep discounts this Tuesday. However, Amazon cannot afford to sell at a loss on Black Friday like no other player. The only time this practice is accepted, but highly supervised, is during sales. Right now, e-merchants can simply cut their margins to the max to increase sales.

High technology is always very popular on the Internet because the products are easy to understand. Black Friday honors all the great brands, without exception. While Apple has long forced itself not to show up during this season, it now has no choice. Amazon is lowering prices on the entire catalog, from computers to all tablets, accessories and smartphones.

In the end, this creates an appointment for millions of French people. Today, two thirds participate in Black Friday in one way or another. In addition, there are also 43% who take advantage of this golden opportunity to do their shopping for the Christmas holidays. It’s a smart solution to have fun without breaking the bank. There won’t be another such occasion until the end of the year.

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Amazon is the true leader of Black Friday

At first, Amazon was the only one doing Black Friday in France. Since then, almost every actor, both physical and online, has joined him. The madness has become so strong that this operation has surpassed all others. Black Friday flies over the sales and all the small punctual operations of the rest of the year. All the actors concentrated their budget at the end of the year.

This moment is also strategic because the French consume a lot for Christmas gifts. Therefore, they are inclined to spend more when there are sales. And it must be recognized that in a context of high inflation, having the opportunity to make cheaper purchases is also a good prospect. It is for this reason that Black Friday should be even more popular for this edition.

Amazon went to great lengths to blow up scores this Black Friday. Allows you to return your purchases after Christmas: For those who have lost their gifts, it is a great way to receive a refund without having to re-sell them. This is an argument that Cdiscount can also boast of advancing. On the other hand, Fnac and Darty do nothing: they only give you the basic 14 days to withdraw.

But Amazon goes further to differentiate itself from the competition: it has implemented a best price guarantee policy. His Black Friday lasts from November 18 to 28: if you buy a product during this period, you will pay the lowest price of the entire period. If after your purchase, the price drops for either, Amazon will automatically refund the difference. It is a question of transparency that he has put in place and it is a solid argument.

If you follow that logic, there’s no point in waiting until Black Friday to buy. If you buy now, you will surely have the best price, even if it is published on Friday. Amazon has warned us that all their offers are active and that there will be no updates at the end of the week. It is also for this reason that you can commit to a best price guarantee. In the end, the offers will be the same except that there will be breaks.

To participate in Black Friday on Amazon, it is here:

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