Twitter: Emmanuel Macron believes that the end of the fight against disinformation linked to Covid-19, decided by Elon Musk, is “a big problem”

Twitter: Emmanuel Macron believes that the end of the fight against disinformation linked to Covid-19, decided by Elon Musk, is "a big problem"

While the Covid-19 epidemic is on the rise, the end of the fight against disinformation linked to the pandemic on Twitter, decided by the new owner of the social network, Elon Musk, is a ” big problem “dear thursday 1Ahem December Emmanuel Macron.

During an interview with the American channel ABC, on the sidelines of his state visit to the United States, the French president declared: “I think that the issue must be addressed head-on, I am in favor of the opposite, more regulation. We’re making it [en France] and we do it at a European level. »

With the recent takeover of Twitter for 44,000 million dollars (42,500 million euros), the American businessman has promised to upset the moderation of content on the social network. Among these measures, the end of the fight against misleading information about Covid-19 » since November 23, the company announced Tuesday.

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Thus, the French head of state reacted on Thursday stating that freedom of expression “It implies responsibilities and limits. You cannot go out and make racist or anti-Semitic comments, it is a point that is important for me to defend.”.

New European regulations in sight

A conception of freedom of expression far removed from that defended by Elon Musk, a fervent supporter of freedom of expressionwho believes, on the contrary, in a very libertarian conception, that it should know no limits.

In addition, the American billionaire has never hidden his opinion on the health restrictions put in place to fight the pandemic, especially when they involved the temporary closure of his Tesla factory in California.

“Telling people they can’t leave their houses and they’d be arrested if they did is fascist. It’s not democratic. It’s not freedom. Give people back their fucking freedom.”got carried away in April 2020, during a conference call for financial analysts.

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Very large online platforms such as Facebook, Amazon or Twitter will need to apply. “around the summer of 2023” new European Union (EU) legislation that came into effect in November to remove no-go zones on the Internet.

These standards include the obligation to act “promptly” to remove any illegal content as soon as the platform becomes aware of it, or the obligation to inform the judicial authorities when it suspects a “Serious felony”.

They also include prohibitions, such as the use of data “sensitive” users (gender, political leaning, religious affiliation, etc.) for targeted advertising. And transparency obligations, such as the publication of the main parameters used by recommender systems.

Twitter must “significantly increase its efforts”

The warning issued by Emmanuel Macron this Thursday thus comes to support the one sent on Wednesday by the European Commission to the billionaire, through the voice of his commissioner for the internal market, the Frenchman Thierry Breton, during a telephone exchange. The Frenchman reminded Elon Musk that the company should “significantly increase their efforts” if you wanted to comply with European standards on the fight against disinformation.

“Let’s be clear: there is still a lot of work to be done” and Twitter will have to “significantly strengthen content moderation, protect freedom of expression and resolutely address misinformation”he said, according to a report of the exchange communicated to Brussels.

mm. musk and breton “agreed that the Commission services will carry out a stress test at the Twitter headquarters in early 2023, which will allow Twitter to assess its compliance even before the legal deadlines”said the European commissioner.

Since his recent takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk has also reauthorized the return of many suspended or banned accounts on the social network. Among them, that of former President Donald Trump, suspended in January 2021 for calling for violence, after the assault on the Capitol carried out by his supporters.

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