World Cup 2022, Germany: Hansi Flick’s surprising reaction after elimination!

World Cup 2022, Germany: Hansi Flick's surprising reaction after elimination!

What comes after this announcement?

“Soccer is a sport that is played eleven against eleven and in the end Germany wins”. If the translation of the now well-known press release by English striker Gary Lineker is not entirely accurate compared to the original on VO: “Soccer is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and in the end the Germans always win.”, this sentence dating from 1990 was confirmed again this Thursday night. Tombeur, in pain, from Costa Rica (4-2), Germany, led by Kai Havertz’s double, prevailed (again). Yes, but now, more in control of their destiny at the kick-off, Germany could not cope with Japan’s resounding victory over Spain (2-1).

A historic elimination…

More than the feat achieved by the Blue Samurai, already winners of the Mannschaft on the first day, this success definitely doomed Joshua Kimmich’s teammates. A sad end that logically leads to frustration in the German ranks. “We shouldn’t have lost the first game (against Japan). We should have won tonight, score more. I don’t think (that Germany expected a good result from Spain). We were not very successful, we had opportunities that we did not know how to take advantage of. It would be too easy to say that it is Spain’s fault, it is our fault.”assured for his part Antonio Rüdiger the be in sports. Questioned, too, at the end of the match, Thomas Müller told him that it would surely be his last game with the German team.

“It’s an absolute disaster! I don’t know what will happen next. If this was my last game, I would like to say a few words to the German soccer fans. It was a great pleasure, dear people. We have had great moments. I tried to put my heart on the pitch in every game. I always showed commitment and sometimes there were tears of joy from my actions, sometimes the viewers also had pain on their faces. Although I did not succeed in all actions, I did it with love. I’ll have to see everything else.”assured, with this in mind, the Bavarian forward to the microphone ofARD.

Hansi Flick, the man for the job?

Invited to talk about his family’s disaster, Hansi Flick did not hide his disappointment. “I’m not speechless, I can also interpret the game very well. At half time I was disappointed, I was very angry.” The way we strengthened the opponent. We had endless opportunities. We put the rival in the game due to errors and facilities on our part. It was not good”He analyzed, first of all, the German coach before qualifying his statements. “Despite everything, it must be said that we won the game, we could have won it more widely. The elimination was not decided today, but in 20 minutes against Japan. Even against Spain we could have scored 2:1 at the end. We were not effective in this tournament. That’s why we were eliminated. The disappointment is, of course, immense. We have to digest that first.”.

Relaunched by Bastian Schweinsteiger on possible lack of mentality, Flick nevertheless wanted to defend the state of mind of his people. “We conceded goals, we made mistakes. That the team is not on fire, I do not see it. she wanted it. Precisely in the first half, there was certainly a bit of disappointment after the missed chances. We tried to do better in the second half. We also knew that Costa Rica was very dangerous in standard situations. These are things we can do better. We no longer have any chance to do better in the World Cup. So now we’re going home. We help bring us home.”confessed, coldly, the strong man of the Germans before delivering his feelings on the future of German football.

“I think for the future of German football we have to do things differently in training. For many years we talked about new goalkeepers, new full-backs. What has always been good about German football is that we defended well. We need those elements, we need basic things (…) We have to try to follow a different path and this is one of the steps that we have to take now, and we will do it quickly”.. Finally questioned about his future, the former Bayern Munich coach left room for doubt. “We’ll figure it out quickly, it’s hard to answer now right after the game when we’re out. We’ll see soon.”. A new cycle to come for the German team? Answer in the next few days…

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