Brittany: Comes to donate blood, Jonathan leaves with work

Brittany: Comes to donate blood, Jonathan leaves with work

Jonathan Heurtault is the handyman at the French blood establishment in Côtes-d’Armor. He cares as much about receiving the donors as he does about distributing snacks. ©Le Penthievre

Jonathan takes great care of him blood donors in the town hall of Lamballe (Côtes-d’Armor) where A blood donation drive is organized. “Coffee, orange juice, hot chocolate?” A sandwich, a cake? Go ahead and help yourself,” said this big guy in a white coat delicately.

temporary jobs

Jonathan Heurtault currently works at French blood establishment (SAI) in the Côtes d’Armor. He is in charge of stewardship, but above all to watch over the donors.

I’m there to reassure them, to talk, to make sure everyone is eating and drinking something. Sometimes I leave them alone. Some people need that. But I always watch them.

Jonathan Heurtault never imagined himself occupying such a position in a public institution of general interestME. Not too long ago, this former salesman was doing odd jobs in the interim.

Passionate about motorcycles, his only background is a professional degree in mechanics and body painting. His sister, on the other hand, is a nurse at Hospital Yves-Le Foll, in Saint-Brieuc. The medical environment, therefore, is not unknown to him.

a chance meeting

In January 2022, Jonathan traveled to a blood donation collection. One of his relatives was sick and hospitalized. Then he realized the importance of this altruistic gesture. “I had never given before. It is when you face the disease that you become aware of certain things, ”she confesses.

Made an appointment at the gift house, in Saint-Brieuc, and awaited confirmation. Days passed: no response.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the organization of the collections has changed, now you have to make an appointment. “Then I got a call saying there was a spot available. It was with a feeling of pride and dedication that he went there.

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After donating his blood, Jonathan stopped by the snack box, a required step for all donors. It was then that he met an EFS employee who changed his life.

Jonathan Heurtault is an EFS employee.  He signed his CDI last July.
Jonathan Heurtault is an EFS employee. He signed his permanent contract in July 2022. © Le Penthièvre

» Do you have your truck license? »

While eating cakes, he was stopped by the employee in charge of the snack that day. Jonathan, of a sociable nature, exchanges easily with him, discussing mechanics and transportation. “After a few minutes, he measured me and said, do you have your heavyweight license? I was surprised by his question. I settled for a simple yes. And then he asked me: do you want to work here? »

On the verge of retirement, this employee offered his position directly to Jonathan. A blessing for the interim. “I wasn’t expecting this. I thought it was a joke, but not at all. The SAI was really looking for someone to replace him. The condition was to have a truck license. »

Jonathan entered his home, met his wife and children. Still doubtful, he later tells them about their meeting. “My wife was surprised, but she quickly told me to think about it, maybe she was an opportunity to seize. I never thought of working in the medical field. It’s true, I do medicine in cars, ”he jokes.

a new adventure

Fifteen days later, Jonathan accepted the job. He who loves challenges embarked on this new adventure. Acting for six months, she gradually discovered all the tricks of this new job.

four to five times a week, mobile collections they are organized in the four corners of the Côtes-d’Armor department. One of Jonathan’s missions is to load the truck with material for the samples. “Generally, everything is prepared the day before. So it only takes about ten minutes. »

The departures are from Saint-Brieuc, at the donation house, at the Yves-Le Foll hospital. Y he is the pilot. ” I like it! It allows me to see the country, he says smiling. We go to the city, to the countryside, to the schools… Then, place to the installation. »

This takes about thirty minutes, before the arrival of the first donors. Tables, stretchers, coolers… Jonathan unpacks and at the end of the day he repacks everything, every time.

A thankless task? “Oh no, that’s part of the job. It is essential for blood collection. »

multiple caps

The Lamballais doesn’t just do that. On the contrary, it is versatile, a real man Multiple use. “I am also in charge of manage food and beverage stocks. I have to make sure we have enough for all the donors. »

After setting up the room with his colleagues, he is in charge of either welcoming the donors or handing out snacks. Between the two, Jonathan admits: he has no preference.

What I like about my job is that I touch everything. I like receiving people as much as serving them a drink. Either way, I’m the first or last person the donor sees.

After donating blood, it is mandatory for donors to sit down for fifteen minutes and have a snack.
After donating blood, donors are required to sit down for fifteen minutes and have a snack. ©Le Penthievre

With an indefinite contract since July

Within the team, Jonathan is the bon vivant, always happy. With donors, the employee, in CDI since July 2022maintains his joie de vivre.

Donating blood is a nice gesture. We can only thank all these people who take their time and mobilize to save lives. So I have to, before they leave, leave them a good image of us, that they all leave with a smile, so that they come back.

Finally, it’s in the medical world that Jonathan has found his place, a job that he is passionate about, that he considers useful for society.

Lamentations, the Lamballais has none. On the contrary, the simple fact of donating blood on a day in January allowed him, in addition to helping save lives, to find professional stability.

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